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Squirrels caught stealing American flags from war memorial

By Mason White 3:00 PM June 6, 2017
Squirrels stealing American flags
Squirrels stealing American flags
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A war veteran was heartbroken after waking up one morning and noticing that the American flags he placed at a war memorial were missing.

The incident unfolded earlier in the week in San Antonio, Texas.

Jennifer Northam, who is the daughter of an Air Force veteran, said that her father was devastated to see all of his American flags missing.

All that was left at the war memorial in the front yard, was some sticks. At first, the Air Force veteran thought that someone had deliberately vandalized his war memorial.

However, neighbor Devin Rivera-Duque showed the family video of the culprits behind the vandalism. Rivera-Duque said that when she saw squirrels hanging around the war memorial, she decided to pull out her cell phone.

She recorded the squirrels ripping off the American flags from the sticks and running away with them. She then showed the video to Northam and her father, easing their concerns about deliberate vandalism.

The video of the naughty squirrels stealing the American flags was uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral.