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Tourist shoplifts from Victoria’s Secret in Dubai because she was unable to resist urge of stealing despite having money

By Mason White 11:01 AM June 6, 2017
Victoria’s Secret (illustration)
Victoria’s Secret (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A woman shoplifted items at a mall despite having the cash to pay for them.

The 29-year-old tourist who was caught stealing from a lingerie store, told the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours that she is a “kleptomaniac,” who cannot stop herself from shoplifting.

A kleptomaniac is someone who has a strong urge to shoplift, but not because they need it or for financial gain.

The tourist from Macedonia, was arrested in the Mall of the Emirates, after staff members at Victoria’s Secret caught her with the stolen items.

An Al Barsha police officer said that they were called to the mall by Victoria’s Secret staff who informed them that the woman stole lingerie, perfume and makeup.

The store manager told police that the woman walked out of the store with 9 panties, a bra, two perfume bottles and eight lipsticks, without paying for them.

As she left the store, the alarm went off. Staff members checked the woman’s bags and found the items.

The woman immediately offered to pay for the items and asked the workers not to call the police, but they did.

The value of the items totaled Dh800 (about $220).

The woman pleaded guilty to theft and told the court that she had the money to pay for the items, but she was unable to resist shoplifting due to being a kleptomaniac.

The woman was sentenced to two months in prison.