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Girl breaks down crying in panic after her stepfather stole her new bike to teach her to lock it up

By Mason White 4:52 PM June 7, 2017
Lucy-Leigh Redfern
Lucy-Leigh Redfern
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A mother posted a video to the Internet, showing the moment they scared their daughter so much that she broke down

Becca Baker, 37, said that she and her husband Steve, 32, bought her daughter a new bike along with a lock.

They demanded that 10-year-old Lucy-Leigh Redfern, lock the bike every time she gets off it whether she goes to a park or a store.

However, the couple spotted the £150 ($194) bike outside of a store, where the 10-year-old girl went to buy herself some sweets.

The couple decided to show her tough love by stealing the bike. Steve ran over to the bike, picked it up and took it across the street.

Becca recorded the incident, which showed her daughter coming out of the store and panicking when she realized that her bike was missing.

The girl panicked and wiped her eyes while frantically looking for her bike. She asked a mother who was with her children if she saw anyone taking the bike.

The mother pointed in the direction where Steve went with the bike. Redfern and the woman went back into the store in an apparent attempt to review surveillance videos to see who stole her new bike.

Her mother and stepfather then went into the store and informed their daughter that they took the bike. According to Becca, her daughter was “crying and shaking like a leaf” when she learned about their actions.

The mother also thanked the good Samaritan who tried helping her daughter and she explained to her what they did.

“She got over the shock now. There’s no way she will leave it unlocked again. She was so angry with us at first, but my son thought it was hilarious,” Becca said.