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Woman finds Nazi Germany bomb while cleaning out shed in Idaho

By Mason White 12:59 PM June 7, 2017
Nazi Germany bomb found in this shed
Nazi Germany bomb found in this shed
By: Mason White

A woman was shocked to find a bomb while cleaning out her parents’ shed in Idaho.

Diana Landa of Meridian, said that her parents lived in the home for about 25 years, and they hardly ever went into the shed.

Last week, they decided to clean out the shed, and while doing so, Landa found the explosives. She identified it as a Nazi Germany bomb by the writings on the bottom of the device.

She and her parents have no idea how the bomb got into their shed. At first, Landa planned to keep the bomb because she is into history.

After getting advice from a friend, Kands contacted the military to make sure that the bomb was safe to keep in her home. The Mountain Home Air Force Base sent down a team of professionals, who determined that the device was hazardous.

The team also confirmed that the bomb was a World War II-era 37-mm German round. They took the bomb back to the base, where it was detonated.

Landa wrote all about the experience on her social media page.

“Story of my day: The Military Explosives Team from Mountain Home just left my house. We found an old 1938 German Nazi Artillery Shell, with the propellant still on.

“After some advice from the Museum and a co-worker, I decided to call the police to check it out first before I kept this historic artifact, give it to a museum, or whatever.

“Yeah I don’t get to keep it. Lol. Turns out it is highly explosive and they had to come remove it from our property. It’s from WWII. I have no idea how it got to Idaho, and still loaded, but it is pretty crazy. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience,” Landa wrote on Facebook.