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Police sergeant receives sandwich with 1 inch bolt inside from restaurant during his shift

By Mason White 4:36 PM June 7, 2017
The sandwich with the bolt
The sandwich with the bolt
By: Emily Lewis

A police sergeant in Alabama, was shocked to find a bolt in his sandwich that he ordered at a restaurant.

Birmingham Police sergeant Patrick Cosby said that he ordered dinner from Arby’s restaurant while he was dressed in uniform.

He ordered a few things, including a roast beef sandwich, and he drove back to the precinct to eat the food.

Cosby bit into the sandwich and felt a hard object. He spit out the food and then he realized that there was a large 1-inch bolt in the meat.

The sergeant took a photo of the sandwich and sent it to his wife, 27-year-old Angela Cosby.

She shared it on social media with the caption: “Patrick got a little something extra with his Arby’s sandwich tonight.”

The officer believed that the bolt was deliberately placed in his sandwich.

They reached out to Arby’s, and the company denied the allegation that it was deliberate. They claimed that the bolt fell off of a faulty meat cutter.

Cosby filed a complaint with the health department. They went to the store for an inspection and they reached the same conclusion that the bolt came off a faulty cutter with which the restaurant has had previous problems and that it unintentionally wound up in the sergeant’s food.

However, the officer did not accept the excuse as it seemed to be strategically placed into the sandwich.

Cosby said that he spoke to people who have been in the restaurant business for many years and they said “there is no way it’s not intentional.”