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U.S. Coast Guard member walked into stranger’s home and beat woman before falling asleep on her bloody bed

By Mason White 4:35 PM June 8, 2017
Matthew Patrick McGee
Matthew Patrick McGee
By: Mason White

A U.S. Coast Guard member was arrested after he walked into a stranger’s home and beat the woman while she was sleeping.

Police in New York, were called to a home in Long Island, after
22-year-old Matthew Patrick McGee entered the home and assaulted the woman.

Margaret Burke was sleeping in her bed when McGee came in
through an unlocked sliding door.

He went to the 67-year-old woman’s bed and started hitting, choking and biting her, police said. The assault lasted for over 20 minutes.

MeGee caused injuries to the woman who was left wounded and bleeding. When the woman finally managed to escape, she alerted her husband who was sleeping in another room.

When the husband went looking for the intruder, he found the Petty Officer 3rd Class US Coast Guard member sleeping in his wife’s bloodied bed.

The husband called police and they awoke MeGee. Officers said that McGee appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Attorney Brian DeSesa said that his client, who was assigned to the Montauk station in Long Island, does not remember what happened.

MeGee, who has served in the Coast Guard for three and a half years, did not know the victim. He was charged with first-degree burglary and three misdemeanors of obstruction of breathing, assault, and resisting arrest. His bond was set at $60,000.