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Married father caught cheating after getting stuck inside his sister-in-law during sex

By Mason White 12:50 PM June 8, 2017
The couple being carried
The couple being carried
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A married father of five children was publicly shamed by people in his town after he was caught cheating.

The 55-year-old man of Nakuru, Kenya, told his family that he was going to another town and will stay there overnight so that he can buy a car with money that he earned recently by selling a plot of land.

However, he never intended to buy the car. Instead, he went to a hotel room for the night to have sex with his wife’s younger sister, who is a student.

In the morning, while the couple were having sex again, they became stuck and were unable to free themselves.

This is known as penis captivus, which is rare but occurs when the muscles in the woman’s genitals clamp down too tightly on the man’s private parts, making it impossible for them to separate for some time.

During this incident, the couple panicked and began screaming for help. Hotel employees came to their aid.

Someone shared the news of the cheating couple, and soon, hundreds of people including the man’s wife, stormed the hotel.

People took videos of the villagers carrying out street justice when they covered the cheating man and his sister-in-law in their hotel blankets and carried them around for everyone to see.

One video that was uploaded to YouTube showed their entire ordeal.

The cheating man’s wife, Margaret Nabwire, said that a neighbor informed her that her husband of 20 years was cheating.

Nabwire said that when her husband left for the night, she decided to put a spell on him in order to get the truth and to catch him in the act.

She enlisted the help of witch doctor who identified herself as Annet Mutheu. Nabwire said that she paid the witch doctor 40,000 Kenyan Shilling (about $390) for her assistance.

As part of her witchcraft, Mutheu tied a string around a pencil shaped wooden stick until the cheating spouse was caught.

When the cheating husband was caught, he was paraded around the village before he was handed over to Mutheu.

She order the man to apologize to his wife before hitting him a few time with the wooden pencil, and he was finally freed from his naked sister-in-law.