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43-year-old naked woman tries to break into church while saying Jesus was chasing her

By Mason White 1:00 PM June 8, 2017
Teresha Dawn Frick
Teresha Dawn Frick
By: Alexis Bell

Police in Walterboro, South Carolina, were called to a church in Colleton County, on a report of an attempted break-in.

Officers found a naked woman trying to enter the church because she believed someone was chasing her.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Frick on the floor with only a towel.

According to an incident report, 43-year-old Teresha Dawn Frick told officers that Jesus was chasing her through the woods and was trying to shoot her.

The woman admitted to officers that she had been smoking cocaine and taking molly before Jesus began chasing her.

She was trying to take cover at the Bedon Baptist Church on Cottageville Highway.

Frick was taken to the hospital for treatment after suffering several cuts and scratches while running through the wooded area.

She was than arrested and booked into jail. She was charged with disturbance of worship service.