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Student suing poetry professor who focused on lesbians and incest because she did not get a good grade

By Mason White 1:42 PM June 9, 2017
Poetry student (illustration)
Poetry student (illustration)
By: Mason White

A student who got a failing grade from her professor, filed a lawsuit in order to force the educator to reconsider and give her an A, according to court documents in Wisconsin.

59-year-old Donna Kikkert of Stevens Point, enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, in order to advance her career in poetry by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in poetry.

Kikkert believed that Professor Patricia Dyjak, will teach the classics. However, Kikkert claimed that the professor focused on lesbians, illicit sexual relationships and incest.

Kikkert also accused Dyjak of frequent swearing. Kikkert filed numerous complaints about the professor, but nothing changed.

Dyjak allegedly once exposed her breasts to students while showing off a back tattoo. Kikkert received an F, and she believes that the failing grade was the result of her numerous complaints against the professor.

Kikkert attempted to convince the professor to change her grade, but when Dyjak refused, the student dragged the educator to court.

Kikkert specifically asked the court to assign her an A grade.

The student also asked the court to fire the professor.

The school dismissed the lawsuit, saying that a judge has no legal authority to order the professor to give a student a passing grade.