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Mother stabs newborn baby to death because she feared child would ruin her career in forensic psychology

By Mason White 12:14 PM June 11, 2017
Rachel Tunstill
Rachel Tunstill
By: Alexis Bell

A mother of the United Kingdom, is accused of stabbing her newborn baby to death and claiming that she had a miscarriage.

26-year-old Rachel Tunstill of Lancashire, who holds a degree in psychology and a masters in forensic psychology, was arrested for killing her daughter because she was afraid the baby will ruin her career.

Tunstill was the deputy manager at Benjamin House Care Home before her arrest. The Preston Crown Court heard that Tunstill, went into labor and gave birth to her daughter Mia Kelly, in the bathroom of her home.

She told her boyfriend Ryan Kelly, 31, that she was having another miscarriage. Tunstill blamed herbal tea for the reason that her birth control did not work.

Kelly told the court that he was home at the time, but he was too busy playing Xbox to notice that Tunstill gave birth and killed their baby.

He said that Tunstill asked him for scissors, which he gave her. She then used the sharp tool to stab their baby 15 times until she died.

Kelly said that during the three hour ordeal, he went to check on Tunstill, and he saw that she was bloody, but since she already had two miscarriages, he figured that she knows what she was doing.

Prosecutor Louise Blackwell told the court that Tunstill’s iPad and cell phone had Internet searches on how to “bring about abortion.”

Tunstill cleaned herself, threw her baby in a garbage bin and went to be with her boyfriend. Tunstill was charged with murder over the death of her baby when the body was found.

At first, Kelly was also arrested, but after he was questioned, all charges against him were dropped.