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Children find burned headless body while playing in the woods

By Mason White 12:57 PM June 12, 2017
Fire in woods (illustration)
Fire in woods (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A group of children were traumatized after finding a headless body while playing in the woods, according to police in Mississippi.

Jackson police said that the discovery was made on Saturday morning, just several hours after a homeowner found a severed head on his front porch.

According to the police investigation, the head and the burned body appear to belong to the same black male. The murder appears to have been committed with great rage as the head was cut at the neck.

The head was then dumped on the homeowner’s porch while the body was burned and dumped in the woods. The homeowner called police after waking up in the morning and finding the head on his porch.

Several hours later, the children called police after finding the burned dead body while playing in the woods.

The Jackson Police Department wrote on Twitter: “Homicide #28, unidentified black male head located on front porch of 1536 Deer Park St. Cause of death at this time appears to be severance.

“Officers on scene at Green Ave. near Grand Ave. with a deceased subject. Unidentified body discovered at this location. More info to come.

“Burned human torso, headless, found on Green Ave. near Grand Ave. Working to confirm if linked to this morning’s discovery of a human head.

“Update: full body, headless. No apparent cause of death at this time. Awaiting Coroner and Medical Examiner’s ruling.”