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Woman allowed to get out of jail to get Botox despite serving over 6 years for violent robbery

By Mason White 5:21 PM June 12, 2017
Luccia Amerecco
Luccia Amerecco
By: William Martin

A woman of the United Kingdom, was allowed to leave prison to get Botox injections.

According to court records, 29-year-old Luccia Amerecco of Leicestershire, was sentenced to 6-and-a-half year in prison.

Amerecco was with her former boyfriend when the two attacked a man and ordered him to hand over his money.

Amerecco threatened to castrate the man if he failed to comply with their demands.

They stole £280 ($356) from the man. While she was serving her sentence, Amerecco asked her supervisors at HMP Peterborough prison in Cambridgeshire, to allow her to be released so that she can get Botox treatments.

Amerecco admitted that she was shocked when her request was granted and she was allowed to leave for five days to get the cosmetic procedure done.

Amerecco said that she paid £250 ($318) for the botox around her eyes and eyebrows from the money she earned from doing small jobs in prison.

However, when she returned to prison, she claimed other inmates became jealous. Amerecco said that jail guards flirted with her and this prompted envy from her fellow inmates.

Earlier this year, prison officer Matt Bowles was suspended after having an inappropriate relationship with Amerecco, who said that “it was exciting to get a bit of attention.”