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Man and his transgender girlfriend kidnap his ex-girlfriend in order to force her to marry him

By Mason White 12:25 PM June 14, 2017
 Samuel “Sophie” Brown and Jack William Morgan
Samuel “Sophie” Brown and Jack William Morgan
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Police in New Mexico, made a traffic stop and were shocked to find a woman with chains around her neck and hands in the back of the van.

Police learned that the victim, 28-year-old Jane Priebe, was kidnapped and dragged out of her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, 12 hours before she was rescued.

A police body camera recorded the moment officers found the woman. She was shaking and scared, but otherwise unharmed.

Priebe thanked officers for rescuing her. The woman told police that she fought with her kidnappers before she was tied in chains.

In the video, she was heard saying: “I fought so hard cause I was like, this is how you die.” Priebe said that her former boyfriend told her that he is taking her to a cave, where he was “going to brainwash her into marrying him.”

Police arrested the driver, 31-year-old Jack William Morgan, who is Priebe’s former boyfriend, and his passenger, who is his transgender girlfriend.

The girlfriend was identified as Samuel Brown, 19. She told police that she prefers to be called Sophie.

They are now facing charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and conspiracy. Morgan remains behind bars on $100,000 bond.