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Six criminals including murder suspect escape from jail after police forgot to lock door

By Mason White 4:24 PM June 13, 2017
Sandile Majola (L), Mxolisi Mbuyazi (C), Thanda Zulu (R)
Sandile Majola (L), Mxolisi Mbuyazi (C), Thanda Zulu (R)
By: Mason White

Police in South Africa, are scrambling to track down several dangerous criminals who managed to escape from jail, after police forgot to lock their holding cells.

Officials launched an investigation against the Empangeni Police Station, after six criminal including a murder suspect, ran away from the detention facility due to negligence.

So far, three suspects have been caught. 29-year-old Sandile Majola, 22-year-old Mxolisi Mbuyazi, and 32-year-old Thanda Zulu, are still on the loose.

According to the police investigation, the prisoners escaped on Tuesday night, after police left their holding cells open. All six suspects then walked out of the police station.

It is not known why the suspects were held in the police station instead of the detention facility next door. Police warned the public not to approach the escaped prisoners as they are armed and dangerous.

Zulu is accused of killing an elderly couple. Zulu and four other suspects shot and killed Nhlanhla and Mabel Shange, and stole their car.

Zulu has been charged with two counts of murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.