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Man pushed older brother away and married his bride in front of stunned wedding guests

By Mason White 5:16 PM June 13, 2017
Groom trying a thali around his bride’s neck (illustration)
Groom trying a thali around his bride’s neck (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Wedding guests were stunned when a man pushed his older brother away and married his bride.

The wedding took place at the Bala Murugan Temple in India.

The arranged marriage was supposed to be between a man named Kumar and a 20-year-old woman from Rajapalayam.

However, as the priest asked the groom to tie a thali, which is a necklace that identifies her as a married woman, around the bride’s neck, the man’s younger brother named Velu, pulled out a thali from his pocket and tied it to the bride’s neck.

The thali ceremony known as Mangalya Dharanam, is a ceremony during which the groom ties the thali (holy string) around the bride’s neck and she then officially becomes his wife.

The humiliated groom ran out of the wedding hall and went missing. The bride however, remained calm and refused to remove the thali, which she received from the younger brother.

The family then learned that this was no accident. The bride and the groom’s younger brother fell in love. However, they knew that they cannot get married without their parents’ consent.

Her parents would not have agreed to her marrying Velu after she met him on her own so the couple came up with a cruel plot.

Velu went to her house to arrange the marriage between his older brother and his 20-year-old girlfriend so that he can jump in and marry her at the last minute.

The family beat up Velu after learning of his deceit. They forcibly removed the thali and they took their daughter home.

However, when the 20-year-old refused to marry anyone else, her relatives called Velu and asked him to come to Rajapalayam.

However, he declined, saying that the thali he had tied around her neck has been removed.