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Man tricks police officer into helping him break into a home by claiming he lived there

By Mason White 6:04 PM June 13, 2017
 Jason Burns
Jason Burns
By: Mason White

A man was arrested after he lied to police about living in a home in order to get inside.

The Cardiff Crown Court heard that a drunk man got a police officer to help him break into an apartment by pretending to be locked out.

Prosecutor Andrew Davies said that 29-year-old Jason Burns, convinced the police officer that he lived at the home with a friend and asked him for help because he was locked out.

After a short time, Burns came out of the house with a passport and cash. The officer questioned him about who lived there.

When Burns gave contradictory answers, he was arrested for burglary.

The South Wales Police deny the prosecutor’s allegations that one of their officers helped Burns break into the home.

A police spokesperson said that the officer “followed Jason Burns into the apartment, after he said he was house sitting for someone, but the officer became increasingly suspicious when he noticed that the door had been damaged and it was unsecured.”

Burns of Butetown, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to burglary and possessing cocaine. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison.