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Best man and groomsman arrested for sexually assaulting bridesmaid in wedding prank gone wrong

By Mason White 12:49 PM June 14, 2017
Hu and Chen in the car
Hu and Chen in the car
By: Tanya Clark

Police in China, arrested two men after concerned citizens reported a video showing them sexually assaulting a woman.

The two young men have been arrested for sexually assaulting a bridesmaid after the video of their wedding prank went viral.

The group was part of a motorcade on their way to the wedding. They were all in a good spirit when the men decided to participate in a shocking “wedding prank” trend.

The shocking video showed the two men in the back seat of the car laughing while groping the young woman and trying to remove her underwear.

The woman was seen trying to fight them off. After the video went viral, police arrested 21-year-old Hu, who was the best man, and 19-year-old Chen, who was a groomsman.

The victim in the video did not want to press charges as she knew both men, but police have enough evidence to charge them without her testifying in court.

In recent years, groomsmen were seen carrying out “wedding pranks,” which many times involved breaking into a bridal suite after the wedding while the bride and groom were consummating their marriages and exposing their nude bodies.

Other “wedding pranks” were directed towards bridesmaids who were humiliated or sexually assaulted.

Videos of such pranks have gone viral on Chinese social media. In some cases, such as in this instance, the offenders were arrested. Other times people just dismissed them as funny pranks.