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Boys record themselves dancing with loaded gun in school bathroom and upload video to Snapchat

By Mason White 3:44 PM June 14, 2017
Boy dancing with gun in school bathroom
Boy dancing with gun in school bathroom
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) School officials in Wisconsin, were shocked to watch a Snapchat video, showing two students dancing with a loaded gun in a bathroom.

Whitefish Bay police said that they have arrested two 15-year-old boys, who were seen on video dancing with the loaded gun in the school bathroom.

They were charged with gun possession.

According to the police investigation, one of the 15-year-old boys stole the gun. He then tried selling it to another boy at school, but the sale failed to materialize.

Earlier this week, the two suspects went into the school bathroom and began dancing with the loaded gun. The teens recorded themselves, and uploaded the video to Snapchat.

The video went viral among students of the Whitefish Bay High School, and someone forwarded it to the principal, who called police.

Police found the loaded gun in the home of one of the suspects.