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Dying naked woman dragged off American Airlines flight after falling unconscious in restroom

By Mason White 3:34 PM June 14, 2017
Theresa Hines
Theresa Hines
By: Mason White

Passengers of an American Airlines flight were shocked to see a naked woman being dragged off the plane.

Police in Minnesota, said that 48-year-old Theresa Hines, died on Monday after falling unconscious in the restroom of the American Airlines Flight 2423.

According to the police investigation, the American Airlines Boeing 737 took off from DFW International Airport in Dallas, Texas, and flew to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota.

There were 146 passengers and six crew members on board the flight. As the plane was preparing to land, passengers noticed that Hines from Carrollton, Texas, was not in her seat.

A flight attendant checked the restrooms, and found one of them to be locked.

The flight attendant knocked on the door, and when nobody answered, members of the flight crew forced themselves inside.

They found Hines unconscious in the ground. The pilot called in a medical emergency, and doctor and nurses waited on the runway to treat Hines.

When the flight landed, doctors and nurses board the plane and dragged Hines in the aisles while she was naked, according to 63-year-old Art Endress, who was at the scene.

Doctors were unable to revive her, and she was declared dead.