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Man drove car into convenience store where he shopped and paid for items before driving out

By Mason White 12:47 PM June 14, 2017
The store clerk nect to the car inside the store
The store clerk nect to the car inside the store
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man who wanted to avoid getting wet from rain, drove into a convenience store in Jiangsu, China.

Surveillance videos show the moment a customer drove his small gray car into the convenience store through the doorway on Saturday night.

The store clerk immediately rushed over to see if the driver was fine or if he needed medical attention.

The customer then gave the clerk the list of items that he wanted, which reportedly included a pack of potato chips and a bottle of yogurt.

The store clerk was seen on video taking several items from the shelves before handing them over to the driver and receiving money from the customer.

The clerk then rushed to the counter to ring up the purchase. He then handed the change to the driver who was sitting inside his car that was parked in the store.

The car then reversed slowly out of the shop as the store clerk waved goodbye.