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14-year-old boy dies after being shot by twin brother while they were trying to kill a snake

By Mason White 12:59 PM June 15, 2017
Kollsen Carter
Kollsen Carter
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Students gathered at a stadium for prayers, hoping that their friend would survive a gunshot wound.

Sadly, the boy did not survive. He died at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas.

14-year-old Kollsen Carter was outside of his home with his twin brother when they spotted a snake inside a drainage ditch in the front yard.

They went into their home to get two .22-caliber rifles to shoot the snake.

While the brother was ready to shoot, Kollsen kneeled down. Saldy, he was hit in the side of the head, above his ear.

Police were called at about 3:45 p.m., and Kollsen was airlifted to a hospital. He was unconscious at the time. Family and friends hoped that he will pull through and recover, but sadly, it did not happen.

Police are still investigating the incident. They do not anticipate filing any charges as this seems to be a tragic accident.

Captain Ken DeFoor said that the incident should be a lesson to parents to teach their children about gun safety and training on how to properly use weapons.