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Wife suing Publix after husband died following fall into a deep fryer

By Mason White 5:03 PM June 15, 2017
Deep fryer (illustration)
Deep fryer (illustration)
By: Mason White

The Publix supermarket chain is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit after a man fell into a deep fryer and died as a result of burns, according to court documents in Georgia.

Chrissie McGee Blount of Commerce, is suing the Publix supermarket chain for the value of her husband’s life after he fell into the deep fryer while cleaning a vent.

According to the lawsuit, 37-year-old Mansur Blount was technician specializing in cleaning vents. One day, Mansur was called to clean the vent above the deep fryer at Publix.

The deep fryer had hot oil and was covered with a thin metal.

Mansur climbed onto the metal and was unaware of the danger. While cleaning the vent, the thin metal collapsed and Mansur fell into the deep fryer.

Mansur suffered severe burns to his leg. Mansur was rushed to the Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died as a result of the burns.