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Father kills man believing he fathered his wife’s baby only to discover she was swapped at birth

By Mason White 12:54 PM June 15, 2017
Luciya (left and bottom) Katya (top) Zoya Tuganova (center)
Luciya (left and bottom) Katya (top) Zoya Tuganova (center)
By: Alexis Bell

A mother of a well off family tried for many years to find out what happened to her daughter, who she believed was swapped at birth.

69-year-old Zoya Tuganova of Russia, said that she gave birth to a baby girl who was named Luciya in 1987, at a maternity hospital in Chelyabinsk.

She had a Cesarean section, and she saw her baby only for a short time. When she went home from the hospital, she was given the wrong baby.

As her daughter named Katya became older, Tuganova knew that she was raising another woman’s baby. Tuganova said that all of her children were built big while Katya was fragile.

Tuganova, who is now a retired railway official, raised Katya as her own daughter and gave her the best medical care, including vacations to the mountains to improve her health and a great education.

Tuganova tried to get information from the hospital over the whereabouts of her biological daughter, but officials denied her allegations that her baby was swapped at birth.

Katya, who is now a successful woman, decided to help her mother track down her biological daughter.

When the swapped baby turned 30-years-old, Tuganova finally got to meet her long lost daughter.

Tuganova was shocked to learn that her biological daughter Luciya, was raised in an orphanage and that her looks led to her father killing another man.

When Luciya was brought home from the hospital by a woman named Elvira, her husband accused her of cheating as the baby looked nothing like him or their other children.

The husband then shot and killed a man, who he wrongly believed was the father of Luciya, and he abused his wife over her alleged affair.

The abuse accusations and rumors in her town led Elvira to become an alcoholic and she eventually died while her husband was jailed for the murder.

Luciya and the couple’s other children were forced to beg for food and care for themselves before they were placed in a neglectful orphanage.

Due to the extreme poverty and neglect in the orphanage, Luciya became disabled. Luciya is married and has three children of her own.

They live in a run down home as Luciya cannot work and her husband has a part time job. Luciya and Katya are planning to sue the hospital over the mix-up.

However, Katya said that the compensation will go to her mother and Luciya for their suffering. She feels blessed to have been raised by Tuganova.

Katya believes that if she would have been raised by her biological parents, who did not have the financial means to pay for good medical care, she would have died at a young age.

The mother and daughter are now trying to get to know each other better and to make up for lost time. “My Katya is Orthodox, while Luciya is Muslim, and quite a believer,” Tuganova said.