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Vegetarian drowns raccoon with bare hands after it attacked her while jogging

By Mason White 2:17 PM June 16, 2017
Rachel Borch
Rachel Borch
By: William Martin

A vegetarian of Hope, Maine, had no choice but to kill an animal suffering from rabies with her bare hands.

21-year-old Rachel Borch said that she was jogging in the woods near her home on Tuesday afternoon, when a raccoon appeared in front of her.

Borch instantly knew that the raccoon was infected with rabies as it was foaming from its mouth. After a few moments of growling at her, the raccoon went on the attack, biting her thumb.

Borch began swinging the animal, but it refused to let go and scratched her. Luckily, there was a puddle nearby so Borch forced the raccoon’s head into the puddle of rainwater.

After a few seconds, the raccoon lost consciousness and Borch was able to pull her thumb out of the animal. Borch quickly ran home, and her mother Elizabeth, drove her to the Pen Bay Medical Center.

Borch was given several shots to prevent her from getting rabies. Borch’s father went to get the dead raccoon, and the animal was handed over to the Maine Center for Disease Control.

The agency confirmed that the raccoon tested positive for rabies. Borch said that despite being vegetarian she had to kill the animal with her bare hands in self defense.