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Anti-abortion lawmaker beheads chicken and rips out heart on Facebook Live

By Mason White 2:15 PM June 16, 2017
Mike Moon beheading chicken
Mike Moon beheading chicken
By: Mason White

An anti-abortion lawmaker who tried to prove that the killing of unborn babies is cruel, recorded a Facebook Live video, showing himself beheading a live chicken.

Missouri state representative Mike Moon, who is a Republican, beheaded the chicken on Facebook Live because he wanted to start a debate to outlaw abortions.

Moon believes that the states should ban abortions despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, allowing abortions. Moon recently wrote the Missouri Right to Life Act, which would give constitutional rights to unborn babies.

On the video, Moon was seen cutting off the head of the chicken before ripping out its heart. It appears that Moon made his point as a number of pro-abortion activists condemned the cruel act of beheading the chicken.

Moon responded by saying that if it is cruel to behead chicken why is it not cruel to kill unborn babies. Moon asked for people to support his new anti-abortion bill.

“The number of lives lost by abortion is more than we lost during slavery and during the Holocaust,” said Moon, R-Ash Grove.

“We need to start looking at abortion in the same light as we do both of those tragic events,” Moon added.