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Man hospitalized after inserting glass in his rectum for sexual pleasure and shattering it while trying to remove it

By Mason White 12:23 PM June 16, 2017
The X-ray
The X-ray
By: Mason White

A man was left humiliated when he was forced to seek medical attention when a drinking glass shattered inside his rectum.

The man from Italy, was fortunate enough to escape a serious injury after a drinking glass that he had pushed until his backside shattered.

The unidentified patient, who is from Milan, told doctors that he placed the object into his rectum for “sexual stimulation.”

When he tried to remove the drinking glass, it broke and sharp pieces of glass were scattered inside him.

He finally sought medical help two days later, when he worried about his safety, despite feeling no pain.

X-rays confirmed the presence of glass in his rectum. The patient, who had a history of cocaine abuse, was immediately transferred to the operating room, where doctors were able to remove the broken glass.

Before he was released from the hospital, doctors said that the patient was offered psychiatric help following his incident, but he refused.