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Mother tied to tracks and run over by train in murder suicide after refusing to get back with her estranged husband

By Mason White 11:31 AM June 16, 2017
Guillaume Gremy and Emilie Hallouin
Guillaume Gremy and Emilie Hallouin
By: Tanya Clark

A man carried out a horrific act against his estranged wife because she refused to get back with him.

The couple of Beauvilliers, France, separated and they had a 15-month-old child together.

Police said that 37-year-old Guillaume Gremy, desperately wanted to get back with his estranged wife, Emilie Hallouin, but she refused.

On the day of his estranged wife’s 34th birthday, Gremy persuaded her to go out with him. She left her baby with her mother while her other two children from a previous relationship were in school.

During their outing, Germy tied his estranged wife’s wrists and ankles to the railroad tracks, and he waited for the train to arrive.

He then jumped in front of the train that was traveling at a speed of 200 miles per hour. Both of them were pronounced dead at the scene.

Gremy who had been on sick leave from his job as a mechanic because he was suffering from depression in the days before the deaths, left behind three children.

He had two children, 8 and 10, from a previous relationship, and the couple’s 15-month-old baby.