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Ryanair refused to give money back to woman who was in hospital with ruptured intestine and unable to fly

By Mason White 2:19 PM June 16, 2017
Ryanair airplane (illustration)
Ryanair airplane (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

An elderly woman in the United Kingdom, was surprised to learn that Ryanair refused to give her a refund despite not being able to fly on vacation due to a serious illness.

65-year-old Christine McKeown of Liverpool, was scheduled to fly to Ibiza, Spain, with her daughter Lucy, 36.

McKeown bought a ticket from Ryanair, which cost her about $400.

Several weeks before she was scheduled to fly, McKeown began feeling ill.

She went to the doctor, who diagnosed her with a hernia that was partially blocking her stomach.

After two weeks, McKeown was rushed to the Aintree hospital, after her intestine ruptured.

She had emergency surgery, and doctors warned her that she could not fly for at least seven weeks, or risk a blood clot.

McKeown forwarded her doctor’s letter to Ryanair, along with a request to get her money back since she would be unable to fly on vacation.

However, the airline refused to give her a refund, saying that they needed more information.

A spokesperson for Ryanair, refused to publicly comment on the story, saying that the issue was being handled privately with McKeown.

McKeown said that she cannot understand why a multi-billion dollar company would refuse a $400 refund request from a sick woman.