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Teenager deliberately runs over and kills father in front his daughter for breaking up fight

By Mason White 12:21 PM June 16, 2017
Eric Fisher with his family (left) and Chaylin Funez
Eric Fisher with his family (left) and Chaylin Funez
By: Alexis Bell

A father of two daughters was killed by an angry teenager in front of his daughter.

35-year-old Eric Fisher of California, was doing yard work on Saturday, while his 8-year-old daughter was playing in the yard.

Fisher saw two men fighting across the street in Visalia. He tried to break up the fight and he asked the men to stop fighting because there were children around.

One man was walking his dog and he left while the other man got into the passenger seat of his girlfriend’s car, and she drove off.

However, he decided to take revenge of Fisher for getting involved in the fight.

18-year-old Chaylin Funez smashed into the fence of Fisher’s home, and she ran him over. She then drove off, dragging him under the wheel.

Alice Aleman-Fisher said that she screamed and begged Funez to stop so that her husband can be freed from under the wheel, but the teenager just kept driving.

Fisher later died in the hospital. Funez and her boyfriend were arrested. She was charged with homicide while her boyfriend was freed as police determined he was just a witness and he was not involved in the malicious act.

Fisher left behind his wife of 17 years and 2 daughters. Aleman-Fisher set up the Aleman-Fisher Emergency Fund on GFoFundMe, where she has received $7,900 of her $5,000 goal so far.