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Man sends 100s of pictures to former girlfriend including some showing himself urinating in her car

By Mason White 11:57 AM June 18, 2017
Joseph Anthony Cruz
Joseph Anthony Cruz
By: Tanya Clark

A man was arrested on a number of charges after sending photos to his former girlfriend.

The man of Arizona, was arrested after sending hundreds of texts to his former girlfriend, including pictures of himself urinating in her car.

According to Phoenix police, 37-year-old Joseph Anthony Cruz broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Honda. He stole some personal belongings, damaged the interior and urinated in the vehicle.

Police said that Cruz took photos of himself while urinating in the car, and then sent them to the victim through text messages.

The victim filed an order of protection against Cruz, but she continued to receive hundreds of texts from him, including more photos from the vandalism to her car.

Police said that the victim filed at least six reports as Cruz continued to violate the court order.

Police found Cruz at his home, where he admitted to destroying her car, but he claimed he was drunk at the time.

He also admitted to having sent texts to the victim, including one while he followed her. Cruz however, denied knowing that there was an order of protection.

After seeing the photo evidence, police arrested Cruz on charges including burglary, aggravated harassment, and criminal damage.