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Firefighters call dentist to remove wrench stuck on man’s private parts

By Mason White 1:26 PM June 18, 2017
Dentist removing the wrench
Dentist removing the wrench
By: Emily Lewis

A man was left in agony after he got a wrench stuck on his private parts.

The 37-year-old single man of Linhai, China, was too embarrassed to seek help so he left the tool on his manhood for 174 hours.

However, when his manhood turned purple and became swollen, the unnamed man knew he was in trouble and that he had to seek help.

The man went to Taizhou Hospital in Zhejiang Province at 9:30 p.m. Doctors assessed the situation before they called firefighters from the Linhai Fire Brigade, to help them deal with the painful situation.

Firefighters did not have the right tool to remove the small wrench. They were afraid that the heat generated from their grinder could pose a danger to the patient.

Firefighters came up with plan B to help the man. They turned to two dentists, Dr. Zhou Gi and Dr. Shi Gengsheng, for help.

The dentists used their dental drills along with a high-pressure water cooler to reduce the heat caused by the drilling, and they managed to remove the wrench.