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Transgender woman suing McDonald’s after employees grabbed her private parts and spied on her using the bathroom

By Mason White 4:23 PM June 18, 2017
La’Ray Reed
La’Ray Reed
By: William Martin

A young transgender woman is suing McDonald’s after suffering from other employees and a manager, according to court documents in Michigan.

25-year-old La’Ray Reed of Redford, said that she worked at McDonald’s for six months, until she was fired because she complained about the sexual harassment.

Reed is suing McDonald’s for loss of wages, emotional pain and loss of self-esteem.

According to the allegations made by Reed, the manager and colleagues called her boy-slash-girl. Reed told the court that an employee once followed her into the bathroom and spied on her.

After that episode, a manager told her to use a broom closet as a bathroom. The manager told employees that they could “feel Reed from the back and not from the front.”

After that comment was made, a female employee approached her and groped her private parts.

Reed said that this was just some of her extreme sexual harassment and discrimination that she suffered while working at the fast-food restaurant.

After she reported the harassment to her corporate manager, she was fired.