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Female prison case manager arrested for sex crime against inmate

By Mason White 11:11 AM June 19, 2017
Yolanda Denise Harrison
Yolanda Denise Harrison
By: Mason White

A woman of North Carolina, resigned from her job after she took advantage of an inmate.

36-year-old Yolanda Denise Harrison of Macclesfield, was employed at the Maury Correctional Facility for only six months, when she took advantage of the inmate and had sex with him.

Sheriff Lemmie Smith said that an investigation was launched after Harrison was suspected of having a sexual relationship with inmate Michael Beckham.

Harrison had been employed as a case manager at the prison.
The job of a correctional case manager is to interact with inmates on a daily basis.

They have to analyze an offender’s psychological tendencies and behaviors, including sexual abuse, drug abuse, and violence.

The case manager then use that information to help the inmate by developing an appropriate treatment plan or counseling for them.

They also help their clients with education opportunities and to acquire job skills to help with the transition once they are released from prison.

Harrison is accused of taking advantage of those meetings to have sex with the inmate.

She was arrested and charged with one count of sexual act by a prison employee. Her bail was set at $50,000. Harrison has since resigned from her job.