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6-year-old girl dies after teacher covered her mouth with tape for talking during exercise class

By Mason White 3:12 PM June 20, 2017
Guo Jintong
Guo Jintong
By: Mason White

A teacher was suspended from her job after her student died following a severe punishment.

Now, her father is looking for justice and he is demanding that police arrest the teacher for his daughter’s murder.

According to the father, 6-year-old Guo Jintong of China, was a student at the Huadian Experimental Kindergarten in the city of Huadian, in Jiin Province.

On the day of the incident, the teacher became angry that Jintong spoke too much during exercise class. The teacher told Jintong to be quiet, and when she spoke out again, the teacher punished her.

The father said that the teacher put tape over her mouth and she sealed it with glue. She allegedly left the tape on the 6-year-old girl’s mouth for some time before she was sent to the school’s nurse.

An ambulance was called and the girl was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The father wrote on social media that Huandian’s authority tried to cover up teacher’s abuse.

Neither the city’s supervising department or the police bureau gave him a satisfactory explanation over the incident and so far, the teacher was not arrested.