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Teacher strips two girls naked on street outside school because father did not pay for school uniforms

By Mason White 4:37 PM June 20, 2017
Children wearing school uniform (illustration)
Children wearing school uniform (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Parents and children in India, were shocked to see a teacher stripping two girls naked because their father did not pay for their uniforms.

Koriya police said that they have arrested the female teacher and the principal of the B.R. Education Academy, after the two young girls were stripped naked on the street outside of the school.

State Education Minister Ashok Choudhary called the incident extremely insensitive.

Chunchun Kumar Sao told police that on Friday, when he went to pick up his two daughters from school, the teacher asked for immediate payment for the school uniforms.

Sao told the teacher that he had no money, and asked for some time to make the payment. However, the teacher said that she wanted the money immediately and would not wait another minute.

The teacher then stripped the girls naked and took their uniforms.

The girls were very embarrassed as their friends and classmates saw them naked on the street.