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Woman gets rid of ‘mommy tummy’ after only child died to avoid talking about him with strangers

By Mason White 5:07 PM June 20, 2017
Sammy Mbatha
Sammy Mbatha
By: William Martin

A woman who was left traumatized after her son died in a freak accident, decided to get rid of her tummy.

38-year-old Sammy Mbatha of Zimbabwe, said that she felt like her “mommy tummy” was a constant reminder of the son whom she missed dearly.

She revealed how the surgery on her stomach has changed her life. Mbatha lost his eight-year-old son, Victor, on Christmas Eve in 2011, after he was electrocuted during a holiday party.

Victor went to a barber shop, where he was spending Christmas with relatives. At some point, the power lights went out.

While running out of the shop, Victor tripped and fell on an exposed wire, causing him to get electrocuted.

Someone was arrested over Victor’s death, but Mbatha said that she was “too traumatized” to talk about it.

Mbatha, a social worker, said that people often assume that she had children because of her stomach size, and strangers ask questions, which she found painful to answer.

Mbatha admits that she ate a lot after losing her only child and she gained over 100 pounds since his death, causing her to have a belly that made people think that she recently gave birth.

In a desperate attempt to get her life back on track, Mbatha decided to undergo Vaser Lipo to remove the belly fat.

Although her husband told her that she looked good the way she was, he gave his blessing to use their life savings on the $7,500 procedure.

Mbatha went to see the surgeon for a consultation on Victor’s birthday. When the surgeon heard her tragic story, he offered to do the procedure free of charge.

The surgeon said that this was a gift from Victor.

“He didn’t know at that time that it was Victor’s birthday. I told him afterwards,” Mbatha said. “It really was a gift from Victor,” she added.