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Lovers die after their car rolled into lake while having sex in back seat

By Mason White 3:02 PM June 21, 2017
Evgeny Chernov and Yana Kryuchkova
Evgeny Chernov and Yana Kryuchkova
By: Tanya Clark

Two young people in Russia, lost their lives in a freak accident.

The lovers died after their off-road vehicle rolled into a lake while they were having sex, police said.

Evgeny Chernov and Yana Kryuchkova, both 22-years-old, were unable to escape their Niva, a Russian off road vehicle, as it sank, and tragically, they drowned.

Chernov, who was a teacher, and his girlfriend, went to the Volgograd region, where they spent time at the lake.

At some point, the couple began making love in the back seat of the vehicle while they were parked near the lake.

Detectives believe that the couple left the vehicle in the neutral position, and while having sex, their passionate movements jolted the vehicle, causing it to roll into the lake.

When she car was pulled out of the lake, the bodies were found in the back seat of the vehicle, officials said.