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Man killed his young children during visitation on Father’s Day before hanging himself

By Mason White 4:38 PM June 21, 2017
Alvaro Camara with his children
Alvaro Camara with his children
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A community was shocked over the death of two young children who were killed by their dad on Father’s Day before he hanged himself.

40-year-old Alvaro Camara and his wife of Santa Rosa, California, who have been married for eight years, were in a bitter custody dispute.

Their children, 6-year-old Juliana Camara and 20-month-old Julian Camara, were with their father for the first time since their parents’ separation about three month ago.

While the children were with their father, the couple exchanged some nasty text messages, police said.

The mother called police numerous times to complain about being harassed by her estranged husband, who accused her of having an affair.

The husband called child protective services to report the poor conditions in his estranged wife’s home.

Officers went to the man’s house and told him to stop harassing his wife. They also checked on the children, who were doing good at the time, according to police.

The children’s mother called police at about 7:00 p.m., to report that her estranged husband did not return their children at the agreed upon time.

He claimed that he was out of town. Officers went to the home and found that it was quiet and dark, and nobody answered their knocking on the door.

Officials said that there was no indication at any point that something was wrong so they had no legal right to enter the home.

The mother tried calling Alvaro a few times during the night to check on their children, but he did not pick up the phone.

The next morning, she asked officers to perform a welfare check since she was unable to make contact with Alvaro. Officers entered the home through a window, and found Camara hanging and his children dead nearby.

So far, they did not disclose the nature of the children’s deaths as they are awaiting autopsy results.

One neighbor claims that she heard Alvaro talking to his daughter before 8:00 a.m. on the day they were found dead. The autopsies will also determine how long they were deceased before being found.