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New York judge gets paid despite not showing up for work for 3 years because he was too fat

By Mason White 4:29 PM June 21, 2017
Daniel J. McCullough
Daniel J. McCullough
By: William Martin

People in New York, were surprised to learn that a judge received taxpayers’ money despite not showing up for works for several years.

The judge said that he was unable to come to work due to his health and weight related issues.

However, the judge, who reportedly weighs 300 pounds, received $193,000 a year despite not showing up for work.

65-year-old New York Supreme Court Judge Daniel J. McCullough, resigned after the issue of him failing to show up for work was brought to the attention of the ethics committee.

They found that McCullough “persistently failed to report to work.”

McCullough did not go on medical leave. Instead, he just took a few days off, but he never came back to work, but he continued to collect his paycheck.

Commission Administrator Robert H. Tembeckjian said that three years is too long for a judge to be out of work by any reasonable standard.

Meanwhile, other judges were forced to take on his workload with no end in sight, Tembeckjian said.

McCullough resigned and he will now receive $143,000 a year pension.