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People in India beat police officers for failing to press charges after girl was raped in ICU of hospital

By Mason White 11:17 AM June 22, 2017
Police officer lying on the ground
Police officer lying on the ground
By: Emily Lewis

A father in India, turned to his friend and neighbors to seek justice for his daughter who was raped by a nurse at a hospital.

A few days after the attack, many people came together to protest against police for not taking the rape case seriously.

Videos of the violent protest shows police officers being attacked and thrown to the ground. The officers were also stomped by the angry crowd.

The incident began when 17-year-old Akansha, was taken to Jagriti Hospital in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, after she fell unconscious during a party.

She was placed in the ICU for care. The girl eventually regained consciousness.

During the night, her father wanted to see his daughter, but the nurse would not allow him inside the room.

In the morning, the father said that he forcibly entered the ICU, and was shocked to see the condition of his daughter’s clothes. He immediately suspected that something was wrong.

He questioned the teenager, who said that after regaining consciousness, a male nurse took her to another room, where she said, he had to change her clothes because it was wet.

The girl asked that he call another nurse or her mother into the room. When he refused, she resisted.

The teenager said that she was returned to her room given medication and fell asleep. She claims that she felt the man raping her, but she was unable to move to resist him.

The community is demanding that police charge the nurse with drugging and raping the teenager while under his care.