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Polygamist husband forces his elderly first wife to watch him have sex with his two younger wives

By Mason White 9:03 AM June 23, 2017
Two young woman in bed (illustration)
Two young woman in bed (illustration)
By: William Martin

A woman took her husband to court after she was fed up with his abusive actions towards her.

79-year-old polygamist Elijah Assani of Mberengwa, Zimbabwe, is accused of forcing his first wife to watch him having sex with his two younger wives, and forcing her to wash his dirty clothes after each session.

71-year-old Jesta Zhou does not want to divorce her husband.

Instead, she asked Mberengwa Magistrate Ms. Ethel Matura,to order her husband to provide her with a separate room so that she does not have to watch him having sex with his other wives.

Zhou also told the court that Assani was in the habit of having sex with his other two wives in front of her as they all share a bedroom.

After the sex sessions, Assani hands their dirty clothes and orders her to wash them, saying that this was her only significant contribution to the marriage since she had lost her sex drive.

Zhou further asked the judge to order her husband to stop insulting her “because that causes the division between the children and they can end up hating each other,” she said.

The magistrate awarded Zhou a protection order. The judge ordered the husband to provide his first wife an apartment with her own bedroom, kitchen and yard.

The magistrate strongly warned Assani against forcing Zhou to wash the dirty clothes of his other wives or insulting her.

While testifying in court, Assani surprised those present in the gallery by revealing that he has three sets of triplets and several sets of twins, and he has a total of 30 children.