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Woman pregnant with twins accidentally given abortion medication in hospital mixup causing her to lose baby

By Mason White 8:49 AM June 23, 2017
Pregnant woman (illustration)
Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A woman is demanding answers as to how she was given an abortion medication that was meant for another woman.

Dr. Tarannum Wasif Khan of India, who works as a dentist, was pregnant with twins when she went to the Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, for observation.

Khan, who was in the 25th week of pregnancy when a doctor ordered her to receive Microgest to prevent her from going into labor early.

Sadly, a nurse administered Misoprostol, which starts labor and is often used to terminate a pregnancy.

This horrific mix up caused her to go into labor. Doctors were forced to perform a Cesarean section. Khan prematurely gave birth to her twin girls. Sadly, one baby died while the other was hospitalized for several months.

This week, the Medical Board set up a committee of specialists to investigate Dr. Khan’s case.

The hospital denied the allegations of neglect. They claim that the Khan family wanted them to waive the hospital bills and therefore, they came up with this scenario.

Dr. Tarang Gianchandani, who is the CEO of Jaslok Hospital, said: “I have full sympathy with the patient. In fact, we saved the other twin and Dr. Kahn was discharged from the hospital hale and hearty (strong and healthy).

“The patient’s family wanted us to waive off the entire bill on the basis of negligence, but there was no negligence.”

However, he admitted that there was a patient at the hospital who came in for a medical termination of her pregnancy.

He claims that the woman was not on the same floor as Khan, and therefore, “there was no possibility of a mixup in administering medicines.”

The committee that is investigating the case is comprised of specialists from forensic, medicine and gynecology, and an anesthetist.

They will submit their findings to the Gamdevi police when they are done.

One of the committee’s members, who did not want to be named, reportedly said that Khan’s medical records from the hospital does not report any medical complication.

“There was no sign of early labor and her admission papers suggests that Khan came to the hospital only for observation,” the committee member said.