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Mother who wanted to look great for 50th birthday dies after fat burning cream and pill turned her skin purple

By Mason White 1:39 PM June 25, 2017
Linda Baranowski
Linda Baranowski
By: Mason White

A family is mourning the loss of their mother who died as a result of her quest to look good for her 50th birthday.

50-year-old Linda Baranowski of Hatfield, England, was treated at several hospitals after her skin turned purple and her organs shut down.

Baranowski’s daughter Michaela, said that her mother, who regularly worked out at the gym, was “paranoid” about turning 50.

An inquest heard that as part of her desire to look great for her birthday, Baranowski ordered a Yili Balo hot chilli anti-cellulite slimming cream and T5 fat burner pills from Facebook seller Kay Mavrides for £30 ($38).

Mavrides told the inquest that she then ordered the Chinese-made weight loss products from eBay.

Baranowski rubbed the cream on her legs, arms and stomach. She also took fat burning pills and drank slimming tea.

Sadly, this led her to have stomach pains, her skin turned purple and began to peel off before she collapsed. Baranowski was rushed to a hospital.

She died after five weeks on a life-support machine when her intestine ruptured.

Hertfordshire coroner Geoffrey Sullivan believes that Baranowski died as a result of an “inflammatory reaction” to dietary supplements she was using.

Baranowski’s husband Mark, and daughter Michaela, criticized the unregulated industry and are concerned that the products are still on the market.