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TSA agent steals cash from woman as she was getting pat down

By Mason White 1:41 PM June 25, 2017
Alexander Shae Johnson
Alexander Shae Johnson
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent in Florida, was arrested after he was seen on surveillance video stealing cash from a woman as she was getting a pat down.

The woman was at the Orlando International Airport, when she was ordered to undergo an additional screening.

Passenger Kathleen Duddleston was pulled aside, and her luggage was not brought with her. Duddleston complained to lead TSA officer Michelle Metz, that she was uncomfortable with the fact that she cannot see her bags and that it was left unattended.

In response, Metz pulled her closer to where she was standing. However, Duddleston was unhappy as she was still not able to see her bags properly.

Metz then pulled the bags closer. However, when Metz was done searching Duddleston, she returned to her belongings and found that her cash from her wallet was missing.

Duddleston then spotted a bundle of cash in the pocket of 22-year-old TSA Officer Alexander Shae Johnson.

Duddleston confronted Johnson, but he claimed that he took the money out of the bank.

The woman complained to Metz that she believed that Johnson stole the money from her. Metz contacted his supervisor who reviewed surveillance video, and saw Johnson removing $500 from the woman’s purse.

Police were called and Johnson was charged with third-degree robbery. He was immediately fired from his job.