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Yahoo calls police after nurse backed up videos showing people engaging in sex acts with kids and animals on their server

By Mason White 11:17 AM June 26, 2017
 Georgina Stober
Georgina Stober
By: Mason White

A church-going nurse whose husband is a teacher, was arrested after Yahoo alerted police over her videos.

Police in the United States, found that the IP address belonged to someone in London.

Police in the U.S., then contacted the Metropolitan police, who traced the videos to 46-year-old Georgina Stober, who lives in Carshalton, and she was arrested.

The Croydon Crown Court heard that Stober downloaded the illegal material on her phone and they were in a folder labeled “x-rate”

Detectives also found explicit videos on her laptop. The files included five videos of kids as young as 2-years-old being sexually abused. She denied knowing any of the victims.

She also had six bestiality videos, showing people engaging in sexual activity with different animals, including fish, snake, pig,
cat, dog and cow.

Police said that Stober admitted that she accessed photos of female genital mutilation for “cultural reasons.”