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Teacher throws his bodily fluid on 7-year-old girl in front of her parents

By Mason White 12:58 PM June 26, 2017
Young girl (illustration)
Young girl (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A teacher violated the trust of his students by assaulting a young girl in front of her parents, according to police in Japan.

Kanagawa police arrested 22-year-old Shohei Sato, after being accused of throwing his bodily fluid on the 7-year-old girl.

Sato has been charged with one count of indecent assault.

According to the police investigation, Sato was an elementary school teacher. The incident unfolded on Saturday, at around 8:30 p.m., when the suspect and the victim were at a shopping mall.

Sato began following the little girl who was shopping with her parents. Sato pleasured himself and then threw his bodily fluid at the girl.

The fluid landed on the girl’s legs and clothes. Sato then fled from the scene before police arrived. Police reviewed the security surveillance footage and managed to identify and arrest the suspect.

During questioning, Sato admitted to the allegations, saying that he did so to satisfy his sexual desires. The Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education placed Sato on administrative leave.