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Batman arrests shoplifter who stole Batman video from Walmart

By Mason White 3:22 PM June 27, 2017
Batman detaining shoplifter
Batman detaining shoplifter
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Shoppers and employees at a Walmart store in Texas, were shocked to see Batman detaining a shoplifter and giving him a citation.

Fort Worth Police officer Damon Cole said that he was outside the Walmart store for a kids fair and was dressed as Batman.

At some point, Cole received an alert that a man was attempting to steal 4 DVDs from the Walmart store. Cole, who was dressed as Batman, located the suspect and he identified himself as an off-duty police officer.

When Cole saw that one of the DVDs was a Batman movie, he told the suspect that he cannot steal his videos. Since the four DVDs were valued at less than $100, the suspect received a citation for shoplifting.

Before leaving the scene, the suspect asked to take a selfie with Batman, and Cole agreed.

“I was at Wal-Mart as Batman for kids day. This male attempted to steal 4 DVD’s. I stopped him as Batman. He asked me for a selfie as Batman,” Officer Cole wrote on Twitter.