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Pregnant woman suffers stroke after having strong orgasm while having sex with husband

By Mason White 3:33 PM June 27, 2017
Lucinda Allen with Marri-Alice
Lucinda Allen with Marri-Alice
By: Mason White

A woman in the United Kingdom, nearly died after having a very strong orgasm while having sex with her husband.

38-year-old Lucinda Allen of West Midlands, suffered five strokes following the orgasm.

Allen said that for a long time, she suffered from headaches every time she had sex with her husband Tony. Allen was diagnosed with a rare condition that causes her to get a headache after each orgasm.

When Allen was six months pregnant, she had sex with Tony, and had a strong orgasm. Allen immediately felt the headache coming on.

At first, she ignored it as she thought it was usual for her due to her condition. However, when the headache became unbearable, she went to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital.

She was put in a medically induced coma after doctors discovered that Allen has suffered a total of five strokes.

After waking up six weeks later, Allen was left partially paralyzed. She is now bound to a wheelchair.

Several days after being discharged from the hospital, Allen was rushed back to give birth to her baby.

Allen and Tony welcomed a healthy baby girl, who they named Marri-Alice.