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Wolf bites off arm of 3-year-old boy who tried to feed it pizza

By Mason White 4:06 PM June 28, 2017
Wolf (illustration)
Wolf (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A young boy was rushed to a hospital after giving pizza to a wolf that was in a cage in the backyard of his family’s home, according to police in Washington.

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said that they have seized the wolf, which was kept in the home located on the 7000 block of Meridian Road Southeast.

The 3-year-old boy had pizza and went out in the yard to feed the wolf. The wolf was kept in a cage. When the boy stretched out his arm to feed the wolf some pizza, the animal bit off part of it.

Several people called police to report that the wolf had bitten the arm of the boy and blood was running all over. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found a large amount of blood at the wolf’s cage.

The boy was taken to the Harborview Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

The former owner of the wolf told police that the child and his mother were warned multiple times to stay away from the wolf.

The wolf was eventually adopted by another family.