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Man pushes four-inch adult toy into 20-year-old woman’s bottom before quickly leaving her home

By Mason White 1:20 PM June 28, 2017
Emily Georgia and the x-ray
Emily Georgia and the x-ray
By: Emily Lewis

A woman is speaking out about an embarrassing incident that occurred to her in order to help others.

Emily Georgia, 20, of West Sussex, England, said that she was having sex with a male acquaintance, when they decided to use and adult toy.

Georgia said that the man got excited and accidentally pushed the four-inch stainless steel toy into her with too much force.

After being unable to remove the toy, Georgia said that the man suggested that she leave it and it will come out naturally.

She wanted to go to a hospital, but the man said that he had to be at work early the next morning and he quickly left her home.

After he left, Georgia told her roommate about her dilemma and the concerned friend took her to Worthing Hospital.

Georgia said that she wrote about her issue on a piece of paper and handed it to the receptionist as she was too humiliated to say it out loud.

According to Georgia, the receptionist said: “it happens much more often than you think,” and that “she had heard worse.”

Doctors warned Emily that there was a risk of perforating the bowel due to a sharp edge and she faced a one-hour surgery.

After she was taken into the operating room, doctors placed a camera inside Georgia, and thankfully, they were able to remove it without surgery.

Nurses asked Georgia if she wanted the toy back and she said “yes.”